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Dracula :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 45 6
The kiss of Dracula will condemn you to Hell
The Bloody Count has cast his spell
You are now one of the living dead
You fill the villagers with fear and dread
The only solution is a stake through the heart
Only then can your soul safely depart
The hand of God will protect and defend
This bloody curse is now at an end
Faith and courage have broken the spell
Dracula and his followers have been sent to Hell
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 4 0
Christmas Gift :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 34 11
Christmas Gift
Christmas Gift
Father Christmas brings a gift of joy
The perfect present for an expectant boy
We all love Christmas day
As we watch all the children play
Listening to music from years gone by
Memories that bring a tear to the eye
Let us be happy all year round
Never hear a sorrowful sound
That is my Christmas wish
Even if you think it childish
I still pray for others
For my sisters and brothers
I hope you all have a wonderful time
Christmas is simply sublime
May your future be happy and content
This gift of hope is heaven sent
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 5 3
Christmas Peace :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 26 9
Christmas Peace
Christmas Peace
Can you feel the Winter chill
Playing in the snow is such a thrill
Christmas is a time of giving
Jesus taught us the importance of forgiving
Remember those who have gone
How brightly they shone
There spirits fly high
Like the stars in the sky
They still shine brightly
Pray for them nightly
One day we will be reunited
Love will be requited
Christmas brings us altogether
Love will bind us forever
It is good to share
And show that you care
Think of others on Christmas day
While you watch your children play
There are those who endure hard times
So when you hear the Winter chimes
Let it remind you to help others
We are all sisters and brothers
Join the struggle to fight hunger and pain
Your efforts will not be in vain
Let the cries of children cease
Let this Christmas be a time of peace
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 3 0
Black Souls :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 36 4
Black Souls
Black Souls
There are many black souls in Russia
Who are inspired by the power of words
We have gathered them together
To create a book of poetry
There are poems about witches and goblins
And verses about ghosts and ghouls
They pour out their dark hearts
And capture their feelings in verse
Russia is full of beauty and darkness
The landscape can be cold and forbidding
It can stir the emotions
Or send a shiver down the spine
When we feel hurt and vulnerable
We find refuge in the gloom
This is a community of dark poets
United by the power of poetry
And their love of Gothic culture
Spend a little time reading their work
And lose yourself in the darkness
These poets are skilled wordsmiths
Who wish to share their work with you
They describe their dreams
And their nightmares
We are a combination of light and dark
We experience both love and pain
If you want to indulge in fear and fright
Please read the book called Black Soul
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 5 0
The Witches Halloween Brew :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 103 10
The Witches Halloween Brew
The Witches Halloween Brew
Halloween quickly approaches
Witches cast spells with slugs and cockroaches
All mixed up in a special brew
Put together especially for you
It will make you very ill
More lethal than any pill
It will make you lose your appetite
You will lose the will to fight
Death is close at hand
Do whatever the witches demand
Only they have the cure
A potion that is potent and pure
Take a few sips
Let the medicine pass your lips
And you will be fully restored
The witches will demand a healthy reward
Which they will use to celebrate Halloween
And create a wonderfully dark Gothic scene
So be careful what you drink
You have already been close to the brink
We all like to celebrate this day
When spooks and ghouls come out to play
But don't drink the witches brew
Or it could be the death of you
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 3 0
Harry Potter Fights On :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 63 13
Harry Potter Fights On
Harry Potter Fights On
Harry Potter cast a spell
But it didn't turn out too well
He turned Hermione into a wild hog
And Ron into a little green frog
Later he played a game of Quidditch
He was the best player on the pitch
But then The Dementers arrived on the scene
The Dementers are wicked and mean
They filled Harry with dread
He came close to being dead
But Hermione and Ron broke the spell
And sent The Dementers back to Hell
Voldermort waited for a chance to intervene
The Hogwarts crowd quickly exited the scene
Harry and Voldermort were locked in a fight
Voldermort struck Harry with a blinding light
But Harry was magically protected
And the force of the blow was deflected
Harry forced Voldermort to retreat
He suffered a humiliating defeat
Hogwarts gave a triumphant cheer
They could all live on without fear
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 4 2
Dead Inside :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 65 5
Dead Inside
Dead Inside
I feel dead inside
My soul is black
I have rejected the mainstream
I feel like a puppet on a string
Being pulled this way and that
I want an alternative way of life
I want to experience the dark side
I want to dress in purple and black
I listen to Bauhaus and The Sisters of Mercy
I enjoy reading horror fiction
I really adore E A Poe and Bram Stoker
The Gothic way of life is fascinating
The music is simply fantastic
I like a pulsating beat
Haunting strings that fill the air with music
My friends help me through
They give me strength
Together we discover the Gothic lifestyle
We embrace horror and death
We are enthralled by Dracula and Frankenstein
Join us on the journey
The Gothic community will welcome you
If you feel dead inside
Wrap yourself in darkness
And discover your Gothic soul
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 8 0
Dark Masquerade :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 37 8
Dark Masquerade
Dark Masquerade
Welcome to the dark masquerade
It is quite a colourful parade
All the vampires are on display
This is their celebration day
They have taken time out
They are ready to scream and shout
This is their night to have fun
The merriment has only just begun
They are driven by an addictive blood lust
They know their actions are cruel and unjust
But they can't escape their curse
They never entered a graveyard in a hearse
They are the living dead
Who have to prey on others
Our sisters and brothers
They cause heartache and pain
But many of their kin have been slain
The dark masquerade is a huge success
All of them clothed in fancy dress
The evening is so exhilarating and thrilling
Tomorrow they will be back to the killing
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 6 0


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Here are links to Gothic music I have listened to recently on Bandcamp.

Firstly, Queen Of Thorns by Adrian Von Ziegler:…

Secondly, Tales Of The Lost Kingdom by Brunuhville…

I think both albums contain beautiful music. I hope you like them too.


gothic poet
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Birmingham, England



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